Wedding Party 101 – Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids necklines

  • For a modern, but still put-together look – pick the color and fabric, but consider letting your bridesmaids choose the neckline and silhouette.
  • When shopping, bring one or two bridesmaids – maybe the maid who has the body or coloring that is most similar to the rest of the bridal party, or the maid who is most difficult to fit.
  • Ask for your maid’s advice, but make the final decision yourself.  You are the one who knows the big picture – overall look, formality and people’s budgets – best.
  • The bridesmaids should try to place their orders at the same time to ensure that the dresses will be made from the same dye lot.
  • Allow three to four months delivery and alteration time for the dresses.
  • Don’t forget the extras.  Should the maids all have the same shoes, jewelry, hairstyles, handbags or wraps?  Communicate your desires clearly to your maids.