The Mysteries of the Bustle……

Your wedding gown probably has a train – which can be short or long.  As you walk down the aisle, the train sweeps behind you, giving a beautiful and dramatic effect.  This is perfect for your wedding ceremony.

However, at your reception a train is a different story.  It can be a bother and get in your way as you enjoy the party.  You want to be comfortable and walk around, sit, dance without having the train get stepped on or drag you down.  This situation is easily remedied by bustling the train.

But, you say, what is bustling and what will it look like on my dress?  Well, let’s clear up this mystery:

Bustling is the gathering up of the bulkiness and length of the train into pleasing and attractive draping at the back of your dress.  When properly secured and shaped, bustling looks like a natural part of your wedding gown.

There are two standard methods of bustling with many variations for each method.  How the bustling is done and the final “look” will depend upon your gown and your personal taste.

1.   The simplest bustle is sometimes called the Victorian or outside bustle.  This is done by lifting the train on the outside of the gown and anchoring it with small buttons and loops.  The buttons and loops are inconspicuous and will not interfere with the appearance of your gown.  When bustling is desired, the loops are fastened over the buttons to lift the train.  Typically there are 1 or 3 buttons but a full train may require more.   Below is a picture of an outside bustle.

2.   The other bustle treatment is the French or inside bustle.  This bustling is a bit more intricate but achieves an impressive result.  The train is secured by tying ribbons on the underside of the train area.  The ribbons are color-coded for correct positioning.  There are usually 5 or more ribbons for this type of bustling.  It also takes more skill and patience to get the train to drape “just right” – which is done at one of your last fittings.  But the overall result is beautiful and will stay in place for your reception.  The second picture shows one of the many possible looks with an inside  bustle.

Again, most bustling is determined by the personal taste of the bride.  There are certain times, the dress speaks to the style of the bustling.  The consultants at White Arbor Bridal are happy to show you while you are in your gown!