For the Groom: 5 ways to know she has an engagement ring on her mind!

So you’ve been with your girlfriend for a while, and you’re starting to think that this could be it — she could be the person you’re going to marry. Once you both realize that the relationship is heading towards marriage, something changes. You know you’re going to be proposing, and she knows you’re going to be proposing, but neither of you really know the details — when, where, or how. You’ll probably figure all of these details out as you start to plan a proposal, but let’s be real: planning a proposal is stressful! And then there’s the pressure of finding the perfect ring. Of course, you could just ask her what she likes or offer to take her ring shopping, but if that’s not your (or her style), you’ll need to find out what she loves some other way.

However, she might have been secretly dropping hints for a while, and you just haven’t noticed! If your girlfriend has done any of the following things, she’s trying to tell you about her perfect engagement ring, without being too obvious.

1. She’s talking about her friend’s engagement rings

If your girlfriend has been chatting about her other girlfriend’s engagement rings, the temptation to tune out might be strong — but don’t do it! Instead listen up and maybe even prod the conversation along. For example, if she says something like “Ick, (insert friend’s name)’s is soooo tacky” or “I would never choose (friend name)’s engagement ring” next time she’s checking out Facebook, take notes! Does she hate how big it is? The gold band? The cut of the rock? The more you know what she thinks about her friend’s rings, the more you know about what she likes and doesn’t like.

2. She’s leaving her magazines open all over the apartment…

On pages that feature engagement rings. You may not be noticing, but if they’re lying open on the couch, on your night stand, or on the kitchen table, check the page — if it’s an engagement ring ad or editorial feature, she’s trying to say something. Especially take note if there are a couple rings circled in Sharpie. Seriously — this happens.

3. She’s leaving her laptop open…

To her secret engagement ring Pinterest board. For those of you who aren’t familiar with secret Pinterest boards, they’re basically spaces on Pinterest where you can collect photos of stuff you like, without anyone else being able to see them. If you walk into the room with the laptop or computer on a website with pictures of certain engagement rings, remember the link or the name of the ring, and do your research later.

4. Her BFF or sister is dropping hints

If your girlfriend’s best friend or sister sends you an email or a text offering to help you buy her a ring — her up on it! Chances are, your girlfriend has communicated very clearly to this person what she wants, and they’ll be able to steer you down the right path.

5. She wakes up and says “I had the best dream that you got me a princess-cut vintage style diamond ring, isn’t that crazy?”

No, that’s not crazy. You should probably set aside some time to go find a ring just like that.

So there you have it — 5 different ways that should tell you that she has a ring in mind, and that you should probably go out and get it!