Dressing Out-of-town Bridesmaids

It’s a lucky – and rare – bride who has all her attendants in the same town where she lives.  But that doesn’t mean that your gals can’t get in on the dress hunt too!

1.  Searching – Go to a variety of sources (pinterest, the knot, wedding wire, White Arbor Bridal) and browse through the dresses.  Send your favorite picks via email to all your maids so they can offer up their opinion.  You should try to see the dress in person before making a decision.  If

Allure Dress Style 1301


your ladies can’t be here locally, send them to their local rep for that dress to check out.

2.  Measuring – If possible your maids should have themselves measured by a professional.  This could be another bridal store or seamstress.  As silly as it sounds, you actually need a pro’s expertise to measure the right spots.  Warn your maids, like bridal gown sizes, bridesmaid dress sizes run a little small — and no one should stress out if she ends up having to order a size or two larger than she’s used to.  Don’t be swayed by the gal who swears, “I’m going to lose 15 pounds by then so order me a size smaller.”  Just say no.  Tell her it’s much easier to take in, then let out – besides she looks fabulous as she is!

3.  OrderingThe most important thing to note:  It’s best to order all the gowns at the same time, from the same store, so that they come from the same dye lot. To make it easier for the bridal party, White Arbor Bridal assists in coordinating with out of town bridesmaids via phone/email. Special note: All bridal stores only order after all maids have been measured and dresses have been paid for.  As soon as the dresses arrive make sure you ship them to your bridesmaids as soon as possible.  Chances are good that the dresses will need a little altering, and you will want to make sure that everyone has time to take care of her gown to make sure it fits.