Countdown to New Bridal Year

The Countdown to the New Bridal Year has officially started! Each day in the month of December, a picture of an item that we carry in our store will be posted on our social media sites. Each site has a specific rule to have a chance to get entered into a drawing to win a FREE David Tutera necklace. Here are the rules for each site:

Facebook ( Each picture that is posted, you must SHARE the picture as well as LIKE the picture.

Twitter (@whitearbor): Retweet each picture.

Instagram (@whitearborbridal): Screenshot the picture that is posted and tag @whitearborbridal in the post so that we know you added it to your profile!

If you are on all 3 of our social media sites, you will have your name entered 3 times a day! It’s that easy! The countdown has already begun, so follow our social media sites and join on the fun! Yasmeen