A Bridal Special: The Johnston-Lahti Wedding

White Arbor Bridal & Formals understands there is more on a Bride’s mind than the typical wedding antics we see in movies. Once he asks and she offers that emphatic yes! a whole lot of planning comes next. From the flowers that will dress the evening in color and finesse, to the fashionable ensembles of the wedding party members, a Bride has more on her mind than simply saying, “I do” on her big day.

We’ve asked our Bride of the Week a few questions about her planning process and the expectations she had for her wedding day!


Bride of the Week: Laura Jeanne Johnston

Groom: Michael Philip Lahti

Wedding Date: August 9th, 2014 

Ceremony Location: Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in L’Anse, Michigan

Reception Venue: Big Bucks Bingo Hall, Baraga, Michigan


What’s been the most challenging/least fun part about wedding planning?

The hardest part was finding something I loved, getting my heart set on it, and then having to tweak it or get White Liliesanother idea because that specific one wasn’t available. The best example of that happening was my flowers. I really wanted white peonies and orchids but they weren’t in season and it was risky to order them since they might get ruined on their way here. In the end I went with Lilies and they looked beautiful! It was just difficult to wrap my head around something different at first. 

What is the most exciting part?Laura Engagement Ring

  One of the most exciting parts was definitely making I’m engaged! phone calls right after Michael (my fiancé) popped the question. We’re both HUGE    Michigan fans and he asked me right after last year’s Michigan vs. OSU game. It was incredible! Everything about that day was exciting!

Did you cry when you found the perfect wedding dress?

I didn’t actually! I was extremely happy about it, and just relieved that I didn’t have to try on one hundred dresses before I found my perfect dress. But my mom did tear up a bit.

How did you decide on a color scheme for the wedding?

That was one of the easiest parts! The shade of blue I picked is my favorite color, I love white flowers, and those two colors look so classy together. I picked the color scheme almost right away and didn’t consider any others. 


Has your groom been a laid back, hands-off kind of guy, or has he wanted a say in most things?

My groom has been very laid back. He tells me he likes whatever I like and to plan  it how I want. He wants me to have the perfect wedding.

What were your priorities when it came to choosing a venue?

Definitely location and size. I needed a venue that was close to the ceremony site      for easy access for my guests. Also, since we are having right around 300 guests I needed a venue that could fit everyone comfortably.  I always knew I wanted my wedding ceremony to take place in the church I grew up in.

 Have you been planning your wedding since you were little? Or did you start when he popped the question?photo.PNG-2

 I think every little girl has been imagining their wedding day since they were little. But I didn’t actually start planning all the details of the wedding until after we got engaged.

 How much of a priority has marriage been in your life? Did you always want to get married?

 Marriage has been something I wanted but when was never a concern. I wanted to get married when the timing was right, and not rush into it.

 Who helped you the most throughout the planning process?

 My mom, dad and sister, Julia, who is also my Maid of Honor, were the most helpful. They were there to help me every step of the way!


What are your main hopes for the Big Day?

Honestly, I think everything has already fallen into place. I’m happy with how everything turned out and there’s nothing I would change. I’m just excited to say I do! It’s like C’mon, marry me already!