Bridal Gown Fabrics

Learn the Lingo – Fabrics

Brocade:  A heavy, dense – Jacquard woven fabric with 3 dimensional designs

Charmeuse:  A lightweight satiny fabric with a soft texture and semi-sheen

Chiffon:  A delicate, semi-transparent silk or rayon fabric with a soft finish

Crepe:  A silk or rayon fabric made with crepe yarn, with a slightly pebbly texture

SewingMoire:   A silk taffeta; waive patterned to glisten like water

Organdy:  A sheer, transparent crisp silk or rayon fabric – sometimes printed or embroidered

Organza:  A sheer, flowing fabric that is somewhat stiffer than chiffon

Satin:  A heavy, dense fabric with sheen on one side and dull on the back

Silk:  A natural fiber made from silkworm cocoons.  A variety of fabrics come from silk threads, including duchesse, milkado and shantung

Taffeta:  A crisp fabric with semi-sheen and crosswise rib

Tulle:  A sheer open weave netting made of silk, nylon or rayon.  It varies in texture

Voile:  A fine, sheer fabric, more like linen than cotton