A tribute to our Mothers….


For all of us daughters and that is me, who are fortunate enough to still have their mom around, I want to pay tribute to you. I want to promise to you, my mother that I will raise my own daughter with respect, courage, strength, compassion, wisdom, and love that you taught to me. I will be there for you when you grow old and you need me, just as you have been there for me all of my life. This is a tribute to all moms and the beauty in each and everyone of us.

If your mom is no longer with you today and you have a daughter, love her like air, hold her as much as she lets you, say I love you to her as much as you want to, never think that you are forsaken and know that each daughter thinks that her Mother is the center of her world so cherish that, it is one of gods most precious gifts. To all moms out there spread the love!!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day from White Arbor Bridal & Formals!