Your Last-Minute Wedding Day Checklist


1.  Check in with your vendors

  •  Make sure they have directions to your venue
  •  Make sure that you have a contact person’s cell phone
  •  Make sure they have been paid “in full” ahead of time
  •  Create any tip envelopes early.  Don’t hassle with cash.
  •  Make sure your bartender has any signature drink recipes
  •  Make sure your DJ has all your special music requests
  •  Make sure your photographer and videographer have any special requests
  •  Get your limo driver’s cell number.

2.  Have your wedding items in place before the big day

  •  Have all your wedding favors, toasting glasses and server items to your venue a few days ahead of time.
  •  Make sure you assign a “friend” or family member to arrange any last minute flubs by your vendors.
  •  Make sure you double check any printed materials, such as place cards, menu’s, etc.
  •  Make sure all arrangements for dressing for the ceremony are in place.

3.  Prepare yourself for after the Wedding early

  •  Drop off any luggage or bags at your hotel before the wedding
  •  Pack properly for your honeymoon (we suggest separate bags)
  •  Arrange for a gift taker after the ceremony.
  •  Assign duties for turning in the tuxedo’s, picking up your wedding gown (so you don’t take it on the honeymoon with you), and turning in any vendor items to receive your deposit back.
  •   Make sure a responsible person hold onto your newly signed marriage license.

4.  Most Important items to remember

  •  Eat on your wedding day BEFORE the ceremony
  •  Pack an emergency kit full of hairspray, makeup, scissors, tissues, etc.
  •  Most important, have fun.  Don’t get stressed out.  Enjoy every second of the preparations, the wedding day, the honeymoon and the many years of wedded happiness!